Creme Cakery offers a variety of desserts:

cakes, cupcakes, cookies, macarons, madeleines, special occasion + wedding cakes, decorations
Whether you want one item or more, we would be delighted to make them for you!

We only use fresh + quality ingredients:

Grade AA eggs
Grade AA butter
Pure vanilla and extracts/flavorings
Belgian chocolate
Italian jams and marmalade

All our desserts are made from scratch:

Fresh-grated carrots

We grind our almonds/pistachios only
when we receive an order (macarons)

All our desserts are made-to-order. As a result:

If none of our cake/cupcake combinations appeal to you,
then you are welcome to "Build Your Own."
The only additional cost is $3 more for filled cupcakes (optional)!